Figma has become an extraordinarily famous design and cooperation instrument in recent years. The natural point of interaction makes it simple for graphic designers of all expertise levels to get everything rolling in addition to a free arrangement accessible.

This program-based proofreader permits groups to convey and cooperate on designs, wireframes, and shareable models, smoothing out the interaction. If you work in a group, you'll cherish having the option to share designs.

Figma can likewise be utilized to work together with clients and different partners beyond your group.

While Figma is easy to use, there's still a long way to go if you're getting everything rolling. Fortunately, you'll get the critical subtleties rapidly, and the expectation to learn and adapt is moderately short. We've assembled this assortment of Figma instructional exercises to assist you with figuring out how to execute this robust design device into your work process.

Figma Tutorials for Beginners

These video instructional exercises will give you all you want to be aware of to begin making great designs in Figma.

What is called Figma?

This short video from Figma isn't precisely an instructional exercise. However, it fills in as a decent acquaintance on the off chance that you're new to the program. You'll better comprehend why it exists and what it permits you to achieve. This is useful in setting the establishment before you plunge into additional nitty gritty instructional exercise recordings.

Investigate Ideas.

The Figma group made a progression of four recordings (all inserted underneath) to act as a decent presentation for new clients. The introductory video is 15 minutes long and tells the best way to begin by designing an application wireframe and model. It addresses highlights like auto formats and parts.

Make Designs

The second video in the series, around 21 minutes in length, proceeds with the last known point of interest. You'll figure out how to make a high-devotion design using various typography choices. It additionally covers far to accelerate the design cycle. By managing the application design, you'll learn little subtleties like how to function with pages, which assists with getting a handle on how Figma functions.

Assemble Prototypes

The third video expands on the work done in the initial two recordings, designing a few screens for the application. Presently, it's the most common way of making an intelligent model that assembles everything. With the abilities you acquire in this seven-minute video, you'll have the option to test thoughts and imagine how the result will function if/when it's coded. You'll figure out how to make associations between approaches so clients can explore and encounter the vibe of the application.

Plan for Handoff

The last video in the series is just five minutes long and demonstrates how you can hand your designs and models off to engineers for coding. You'll figure out how to utilize Figma's highlights to make it as simple as feasible for engineers because of elements like custom thumbnails, solicitations, and authorizations, inserts; from there, the sky is the limit. The video additionally tells the best way to send out resources that the engineer will utilize.

This is a decent choice for novices, as it gives an outline for designing applications and sites. It tells the best way to design interfaces, regardless of whether you have no past involvement in the product. You'll figure out how to begin a task from a format, make a casing, work with shapes and varieties, make buttons, use text, use symbols, and then some.

UI/UX Design Tutorial - Wireframe, Mockup and Design in Figma

Even though Figma is a flexible program, one of the most well-known utilizes is designing wireframes and mockups. This is an inside and out instructional exercise that tells the best way to make a web composition from wireframe to finished design. The video is about 90 minutes in length. However, it's worth your time to dominate UI/UX design. After working alongside this, you'll have the option to design wireframes, formats, and mockups much quicker and all the more real.

Getting everything rolling with Auto Layouts

One of the most mind-blowing elements of Figma is auto formats. They permit you to design complex formats quicker, and this video shows every one of the subtleties you want to comprehend. It's somewhere around 13 minutes in length, so it will not require much of your investment.

Versatile App Design Tutorial

In a short time, you can track and advance precisely how to make this example versatile application design. It covers everything from tracking down motivation to making the actual design. You'll walk through the application design process, which you can follow and change as indicated by your requirements to make your designs. It's a great outline you find out about unambiguous devices and elements in an actual situation.

Food Ordering Mobile App Design

This one is from a similar designer as the past instructional exercise. In about 60 minutes, you'll go through the whole course of making a lovely versatile application design for a food requesting application. The strategies you learn here are incredibly significant because this application design incorporates numerous components and highlights that are normal with various applications.

Figma Mobile Design Tutorial

Here is another walkthrough showing the best way to design an example application. It's a little more than 40 minutes in length, and you'll gain proficiency with the specific moves toward follow.

Make Interactive Components

Intelligent parts can be utilized to show various components in light of collaboration. For instance, a button changes tone (or different characteristics) on the drift or when tapped. This seven-minute video is an extraordinary prologue to variations and how to utilize intelligent parts rapidly and without any problem.

Design a Website within 1 Hour with Figma

To learn website architecture, this 47-minute video tells the best way to make a design enlivened by Spotify.

If you want to learn website composition, this 47-minute video tells the best way to make a design propelled by Spotify.

Glassmorphism UI

This one tells the best way to make a Mastercard design and foundation design, with a tad of foundation obscure. You'll work with shapes, adjusted corners, layer impacts, obscures, darkness, and mixes, and that's just the beginning.

Figure out How to Use Figma to Create an Awesome Landing Page

For web and UI designers, this example covers the most common way of designing an example presentation page from beginning to end and helpful design standards. It's very nearly 40 minutes in length. Yet, you'll figure out how to utilize approaches and artboards to get everything rolling, add a significant picture, header with the route, encourage buttons, and then some.


Figma is a great online visual prototyping device, and I'm confident you can see why it's so well known inside the local design area. It additionally goes past models and can be utilized for custom symbol designs, item design, successful application design, and different parts of graphic design. There is a lot to cherish with solid design instruments and continuous group joint effort highlights.